Welcome! We appreciate your interest in the Sigmanaut Program and your support of the Ergo platform.

As outlined in our Mission Statement, we are a community group that advocates for the adoption of the Ergo blockchain while promoting Ergo's values in the larger cryptocurrency space.

Please ensure the information in your application is correct and complete as it will be reviewed and voted on by current Sigmanaut members.

TIPS: The voting takes place over a two day period at the end of each month, so don't worry if you don't hear back from us for a few weeks! To get to know you, each voting member may look through your provided socials to determine your past levels of engagement with Ergo and cryptocurrency in general. We look for actions that align with the values of the mission statement linked above. A large factor in the decision-making process is your current engagement in the ecosystem. If you are active inside channels and not the main Ergo Platform channel, or, part of a different community, let us know in the “about me” section below so that we can get a better picture.

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